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How Do I Paint Around My Chandelier?

Starting a project around a chandelier can not only be a daunting task, but also dangerous. Busy Bee Painting Co. suggests you call the professionals and let us handle big tasks like this. If you still want to proceed with painting around your chandelier, here is a few tips we've picked up from our years of experience. To start, if possible tape and plastic around the chandelier to avoid getting drips on the inner portions or on the lights themselves. If not possible, use tapes to surround the base of the chandelier and proceed with small amounts of paint on your brush to trim the areas not reachable with a larger roller. Assuming your chandelier is more than 3 feet off the ground, you're gonna need a ladder. A folding ladder is best for something like this however different arrangements for your house structure may call for a different type of ladder at that point it is your best judgement to proceed. One solution for both of these scenarios is a little giant ladder which allows you to fold it into both variations. Make sure the chandelier is turned off so the plastic is not melted once you put it on and also to avoid all that heat when you begin painting. Some overhead reaching and muscle grease should do it and voilà, a newly trimmed ceiling around your chandelier. As stated before for projects like this we always suggest calling the professionals so don't feel afraid to contact us for a free consultation.