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How Do I Paint My Bathroom?

Painting your bathroom can be a daunting task. Many things come into play such as protecting amenities within the bathroom. Toilet, mirrors, bathtub, cabinets, heaters and even doors. It can be done and at Busy Bee Painting Co. We specialize in painting bathrooms with expert techniques. However, if you wanna do it yourself. You'll have to do a little bit of prep work before you can begin. It all starts with laying down plastics and shelling on the ground of your bathroom. This can be done by laying down said plastics over the important ceramics such as your toilet and bathtub. The process here can be difficult but if you are having problems a simple Youtube Search "How to prep toilet and bathtub for painting" should give you several methods on scoring and taping off plastics and proper coverings. Once prep is finished, the next step is getting your paint. Assuming you have already picked out a color and have consulted with your local paint store about specifics, getting your paint is easy. acquire your color of choice and gather said painting materials such as your brushes, cup buckets, and liners for ease of cleaning. Once all of your materials are gathered its time to paint be cautious of getting paint on lower sections of trim unless that is your intention and paint away. Remember, paint can spread fast and create unneeded stress. Make sure everything in your bathroom is properly covered in plastics and materials. A good rule of thumb is; if you can see it while your painting, paint can get on it. So beware or call the professionals and let us handle it!